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Statutory Functions & Services

As well as checking architectural drawings our staff are able to assess fire, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design drawings for broad compliance with relevant codes and standards.

Our statutory building permits, reports and functions will ensure your construction, renovation, extension will be safe, secure and compliant.

Our company understands the clear distinction between consultancy versus statutory services and we pride ourselves on offering a service which is unique, ethical and professional.

A building permit is required for almost all building works in Victoria. Akritidis Group Building Consultants provide high level of professional building permit services to builders, architects, draftspersons, developers and the general community.

Building works cannot commence without first obtaining a building permit and equally a building or part of a building cannot be occupied without first obtaining an Occupancy Permit, where such a requirement is listed on the Building Permit.

Our services include:

  • Statewide building permit and occupancy permits
  • Mandatory inspections and reports
  • Compliance assessments of architectural drawing, documents against relevant codes & standards
  • Compliance assessments of building services drawings & documents against relevant codes & standards
  • Energy efficiency regulatory compliance advice
  • Access for premises (DDA) regulatory compliance advice
  • Performance based assessments and determinations
  • Protection works assessments and determinations