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In addition to the statutory functions of the building surveyor, we offer consultant building surveyor for all types of projects.

Our company understands the clear distinction between consultant versus statutory building surveying services and prides itself on offering a unique, ethical and professional service.

Taking a proactive approach as part of the design team, we aim to achieve the most cost effective and innovative design outcomes. This includes a close working relationships with the client, design consultants, project managers, builders and external stakeholders.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience within the building industry ensures the highest value contribution to the design, approval and construction phases of a project or where other technical support is required such a:

  • Access for premises (DDA) compliance audits and reports
  • Preparing performance based design briefs and report.
  • Reporting authority report and consent applications.


We strive for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by maintaining efficient, ethical and professional relationships with clients, consultants, builders and the wider building industry.