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Essential Safety Measures are fire safety features and equipment’s that are installed within a building to ensure a safe built environment in all buildings.

Part 15 of the Building Regulations require that all essential safety measures installed within a building are inspected, tested and maintained to perform at a level to fulfil its purpose at the time of the completion of the building in accordance with AS 1851 (2012).

The level and degree of maintenance will depend on the date the building was completed with requirements generally grouped into three categories as follows:

  • Buildings completed on or after 02 June 2018;
  • Buildings completed on or after 01 July 1994 to 01 June 2018;
  • Buildings completed before 01 July 1994.

Essential safety measures generally include all traditional building fire services systems including but not limited to sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers, smoke hazard management systems and the like. It also includes passive ‘in-built’ features such as building elements required to achieve a fire / smoke resistance level, fire/smoke doors, fire rated windows , fire rated shutters, services penetrations and the like.


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